"Be TRANSFORMED by the renewing
of your mind."

- Romans 12:2

On this site, we seek to provide encouragement to strengthen, empower, and transform moms to become the best version of themselves.  We are all on a journey of transformation and we face challenges in life.  The journey of transforming from who we are to who we want to become is not always easy, nor was it meant to be.  We can look to the butterfly as an inspiring example of transformation.

The journey of the monarch butterfly is fascinating! Did you know that only about 1% of eggs and caterpillars will survive to become an adult butterfly?!

What it is about that 1%?  Do they have the desire, the drive, the PERSISTENCE, and the deep-seeded longing for something more?  The courage to evolve into something beautiful…to have a positive impact in the world…to spread their wings and FLY?

The journey through that cocoon is challenging, messy and may seem impossible at times, but the 1% just NEVER quit!!  They know that what lies on the other side of challenge and change is simply miraculous.  As they persist they can achieve powerful growth, freedom and transformation.

Be the 1%…Believe in yourself!  Engage in the process!  Don’t Quit!  Be Transformed!

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