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“When I learned that I have the power to create my life through manifestation and attraction, I never stopped! In seventh grade, when I read Rhonda Byrne’s book “The Secret” I learned that through positive thinking and belief I can think my way into the life I want to live. With reinforcement from leaders like Mario Forleo, Peta Kelly and Gabrielle Bernstein, I learned again the power of this powerful mind hack when I arrived in my early twenties. When I learned to trust that the universe has my back in delivering the thoughts I have about how I want my life to go, I could create the most wonderful things in my head and relax with belief that they can unfold in my life at any moment. Since adopting this clairvoyant mindset, I have attracted magnificent treasures into my life including friendships, improved relationships, unlocked knowledge, solutions for health and wellness, spiritual freedom, bountiful career opportunities and peace of mind. By focusing on the positive things I want to experience, I attract them.” Sarah J. Bartholf


The journey of growth starts with you and your decision to change. It is like putting magic glasses and seeing this life clearly for what it is: a gift. My transformation started when I refused to go with the flow and continue working the job that brought no satisfaction surrounded by people who had zero ambition to grow. The decision to leave, sell the house and move while being a single mom and a sole provider for my family did not come easy, but I had faith. You see, I believe this universe is on a mission every day. It continues to conspire so I am always dealt the best cards possible, meet the most amazing people and attracting the best opportunities into my life. If you live your life knowing how amazing it is, it starts being amazing.
My brave move opened up the doors for me that would never be even a possibility before. I was able to grow the business of my dream, build a team of like-minded health conscious people who, just like me, continue pushing boundaries in all they do. I left my meaningless corporate job and opened my own consulting company. None of that was easy, and all of that was worth it. Be brave, make mistakes, reach for the stars. You deserve to live this life out loud!”  -Victoria Toujilina


The power of positive thinking for me has been something that I thought I always knew. I remember as a child thinking “I can do this” if I just put my mind to it and really focus on the task at hand. As I grew up and experienced life, the hardships and many different trials, I forgot what my mind was capable of.  I was in a dark place for a long time. Divorce, depression and I felt like I could never feel or find happiness or see the light at the end of the tunnel.   I started to remember that my thoughts were going to create my feelings and set the mood for my day. I continued to work on thinking positive every day and telling myself that I am very blessed and everything is working out the way it needs to be. I have started to manifest my life, things are  changing and getting better every day. I have a great attitude and even when others don’t I don’t let that get to me. We as individuals have the power and ability to create and manifest the best things possible for ourselves and can find the purest form of happiness with positive thinking! –Alesha Murdock


I’ve been working on being more conscious of my thinking lately. When a negative or unproductive thought comes, I’m trying to discipline myself to catch it and quickly replace it with an edifying thought. Sometimes we feel controlled by our circumstances in life, but we have the power to change our circumstances by changing our attitude of mind and exercising faith to work toward our goals. How liberating is that?! Interesting truths about the power of our thoughts:
“A man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts.” James Allen
“The thought in your mind at this moment is contributing, however infinitesimally, almost imperceptibly to the shaping of your soul… even passing and idle thoughts leave their impression.”
“I will know what you are if you tell me what you think about when you don’t have to think.” -David O. McKay
For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he. (Proverbs 23:7) -Nicole Hudson


I have been lectured for years about the power of the mind, being mentally tough, creating my own destiny through my thoughts. I was a high school and college athlete I knew how important it was to be mentally tough to be successful and I was. As an educator, coach and working on building my home business I read books and heard many speakers on this topic. I believed them all to be true.
I have always been a happy person and felt I’ve had a great life
despite my “typical struggles” that most women go through, so what more could I really ask for and create? I wasn’t prepared for that answer. Three short years ago not only my mind but my body and spirit were tested at a greater capacity than ever before. I quickly realized that I didn’t TRULY understand the immense amount of power the mind has both in a negative and positive way, until this experience.
As I worked on healing from a physical disease as well as my mental/emotional struggles I was led to many resources, one being Carol Tuttle’s book, “Remembering Wholeness” and I will tell you that my life changed instantly. It wasn’t even half way through the book that I realized my transformation, my healing and my happiness truly would be created in my own mind at that INSTANT…and it did. My life has not been the same due to the positive changes within my own mind. My body image struggles, insecurities, daily thoughts and feelings have transpired to uplifting experiences . I have never known such happiness and healing and what is so wonderful is that it comes from ME and from my relationship with myself and with God. Once I cleared my subconscious mind from my limiting beliefs, emotional blocks and chose conscious thoughts that are honoring and loving, it allowed me to realign with my soul and my true purpose and happiness. At times I wonder what took me so long but I go by the old saying “better late than never” and press forward.   
I love this knowledge shared by Carol Tuttle and refer to it often due to the positive effect it has had on my life:
“The Universe offers us one guarantee: that everything we put out returns to us multiplied. Your thoughts are your most powerful mechanism for controlling your vibration. Take the power of your mind, the power of your thoughts, and start creating the life you really want. 
Take charge of your life by taking charge of your thoughts. Change your life by changing your thoughts.” (Carol Tuttle- Remembering Wholeness)- Tana Homer

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