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Meet Nicole Hudson

Nicole HudsonThanks for visiting!  A little about me…  Faith and family mean everything to me.  I’m a mom of 6 young kids.  In between potty training and shuttling kids to practice, I love to pursue my other interests in life: the gospel of Jesus Christ, personal development, writing, music, nutrition, fitness, outdoors and the Seahawks.  I have a calling on my heart to help moms with solutions that will transform their lives.  I have a sincere love for moms because I understand the struggle, and I know when a mom’s life is transformed, it impacts the entire family and generations to come.  I believe moms are so much stronger when we’re united, when we collaborate instead of compete, and when we empower each other to become our best selves.











Meet Shannon Palmer

Shannon Palmer of Transformed Mom

I love God, my family, music…and chocolate! I see the beauty in hard things, whether it’s my husband’s training in a military medical career or welcoming 7 wonderful children into our family in the midst of it all! Meaningful relationships, heartfelt connections, and serving others are at the heart of who I am. I have come from the depths of loneliness and sorrow back to the healing light of Christ. My life is full of empowerment and joy and I know yours can be too!









Meet Tana Homer

Tana HomerThanks for visiting! I’m all about family, faith, friends and food – healthy, delicious and simple of course! Traveling, sports and coaching are my fun; God, sunshine, my 4 sweet and sassy kids and incredible husband are my fuel. I have a deep desire and passion to encourage people to become who they know they are and want to be; their best self daily and naturally.
I am a fighter – I’ve battled food, health, Lyme Disease and the random naughty voice in my head…but I am VICTORIOUS! I am perfectly imperfect. I am a goer, a doer and a believer and I believe in YOU! Be sure to follow me on my blog at www.abattleworthfighting.blogspot.com

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